Why You Need a Social Media Manager

Why You Need a Social Media Manager

September 26, 2018 Social Media 0
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Running a business is time-consuming and that’s without adding social media to the mix. Managing social media accounts effectively can pretty much be a full-time job so that gives you an idea of the number of tasks involved. 

Here are a few reasons to outsource all (or some) of the work:

1. Free Up Your Time

Creating images, finding stock photos, writing attention-grabbing captions, sourcing the right content. resizing for different channels – and that’s just for one post. Even with all the automated tools in the world, it still requires human interaction to get it right. If you add up all the hours spent on the various tasks, you may well agree that delegation is a no-brainer. Worried that your business will lose it’s voice? Well, you can outsource parts of your routine – the “back-end” activities like finding articles, shareable tips and creating graphics – and maintain control of the front-end activities like writing the captions, doing live videos and stories.

2. Get You The Most Out Of It

You could get by posting content as when you have a few spare minutes or assigning the tasks to a staff with other roles. However, to utilise the full potential of social media, you are better off getting an expert to do these tasks. They will also have the relevant industry knowledge, like the best time to post on each social channel for the best engagement. An experienced social media manager will create a strategy to help your business get the most out of your social presence.

3. Get You New Customers

This is fundamentally the goal of a strong social media presence for your business. Potential customers can discover your brand promoted well. This is a skill that a social media manager will have. The right approach for your business niche may  require a bit of trial and error but that’s their job! For example, a service business will benefit from sharing customer testimonials whereas a wedding venue should focus on the sharing beautiful, natural photos of its surroundings and events. 

4. Build A Relationship With Your Audience

As well as a good strategy, creating engaging content is also what a social media manager can bring to the table. They will also be on hand on to interact with and learn from  from your audience. This should give your brand a personality and create a community around your brand.

Are You Convinced?

There are clear benefits in drafting in a social media manager for your business so get in touch to up your social media game. If you are worried about the cost then try our DIY solution. We provide the content including images. You simply download and post. Couldn’t be easier! 

Looking for more ways to increase your business presence online? If you have a website then adding a blog could be the way to go!

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