What To Post On Social Media For Small Businesses

What To Post On Social Media For Small Businesses

January 3, 2019 Social Media 2
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Running a small business can sometimes mean that you are wearing a lot of hats – posting on social media being one of them. Let’s face it, there is only so many hats a person can wear before their head gets too hot and social media is usually the first hat to get taken off.

You know that your current and potential customers are on social media. You know it is important to maintain your presence and build a relationship with them. But lack of time, inspiration, content … gets in the way!

Tips To Get You Started

> National Holidays

There is probably a day for every thing under a sun. From Chocolate Cake day to Data Privacy Awareness day. Post something related and use the relevant hashtags. Simple. Even better if it relates to your business.

> Major Events

Look up major dates and events , especially in your industry, say a significant event, a court case in the news, charity events etc. They are a great way of educating and highlighting your work.

> On This Day

If you are short of a throwback idea or two, look up the relevant day’s history for ideas. You may be surprised what you learn yourself!

> Behind the Scenes

People love it when you are real. So show them the how your refinement process. Share the mishaps and the achievements.

> Get Personal

Show your face, share a little bit about your life around work and have fun. This may not be for everyone but you can still adapt it to your personality. Keep it professional and inline with your business. If you don’t want to show your face then hands will do.

> Inspirational Quotes

These are uplifting and a great content filler. Funny memes are also allowed.

> Engage, Engage, Engage

Are you a tea or a coffee person? Asking a question is an easy way to get interaction. However, it can be deflating if no one responds so choose your question wisely. Perhaps start with statements then work up from there.

> Short of Time? We Can Help!

Can’t see yourself doing any of the above in the time you’ve got? Well, we have done for you. We’ve collated the holidays, curated captions, crafted the images all into handy monthly packs! All you have to do is download and post! Simple. Each day of the month is accounted for so no trawling the web for ideas and images. We have done all that for you. See what we have to offer (it’s really affordable).

Fancy a discount? Each month, the first 10 customers get some money off. This month’s code is FIRST10.

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