Google+ Is Shutting Down – What Do I Need To Do?

Google+ Is Shutting Down – What Do I Need To Do?

February 9, 2019 Blogging Social Media 0
Graphic with text: Google+ is shutting down

If you use Google+ for your business, blog or just personally then you have probably heard of that Google+ is shutting down in April 2019. This is referring to the demise of consumer/personal accounts and it is winding down services from the 4th of February.

Why is Google+ Shutting Down?

It was launched as a social media network to rival the likes of Facebook. However, it simply failed to take off despite a profile being automatically created for all Google users.

Last year, a major bug which exposed user’s personal data was exposed and a closure announcement quickly followed. The timeline was set to August 2019. However, after another bug was discovered where more data was at risk, the date was brought froward to April 2019.

What Does the Google+ Shut Down Mean?

On the 2nd of April, all accounts and pages will be taken offline as content deletion commences so you will not have access to them. After this date, no new accounts, profiles, pages, communities or events can be created.

Google+ will then cease to exist for consumers but if you are a GSuite user then Google+ will still be available for you in some form – we will go into this later.

Other Google services such as Google Drive, GMail and Google Photos will not be affected.

What Do You Need To Do?

It is very likely that you received an email recently regarding the closure if you use Google+. If you do not use it then you can sit back, relax and let nature take its course.

>> If you use Google+ for comments on your site then historic comments will be deleted. To save them, you need to download your Google+ Stream.

>> If you have Google+ as a social media icon on your website then you will need to remove or redirect it

>> If you were an active users of Google+ especially the communities, then remember to let your users know that you will be moving to a different platform. Think of it as an opportunity to publicise your other channels.

>> If you sign into apps with Google+ then this will no longer work. According to Google, this may be replaced by the normal Google sign-in functionality.


What Next for Google+ and For You?

For businesses Google My Business might be the next big thing to drive traffic to your site so worth taking a look soon.

Despite it’s demise for consumers, there are plans afoot for enterprise. It appears that it will focus on aiding collaboration amongst work colleagues and teams. Watch this space!

To summarise:
>> Download your data
>> Redirect your users
>> Remove social icon

Will you miss Google+ or, like many, did it not make an impact on you at all?

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