Engagement Pack – Issue 01

Engagement Pack – Issue 01

April 1, 2019 0
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Social media is an amazing digital marketing tool to connect your brand with potential customers. However, if you only sell, sell, sell, then you may find that people switch off. People love stories and are attracted to discussions and relatable content. That is where this pack comes in. Each graphic has been created with engagement in mind. To start conversations, stop the scroll, invite interaction. Engaging and building a better relationship between your business and your audience, increases your visibility too.


What is in the pack?

You get 15 different images, each in a square and vertical size, so 30 in total. The square format is suitable for various platforms including Instagram and Facebook. The vertical version is best suited to Facebook and Instagram stories.

Here’s a sample of what you could get:


Still need convincing?

This pack is designed to help you mix things up on social media and get you engaging with your audience. It is also perfect for those low inspirations days as it allows you to maintain your regular posting schedule. You get to

  • Stay in control of your content. You can add your logo for that extra personalised touch.
  • Free up your time to do more of what you love for your clients. You can even schedule your posts in advance and get even more of your time and head-space back.
  • Enjoy increase engagement – the eye-catching images are likely to stop the scroll and get the likes flowing

Stop the one-way communication and put the social back into social media!